Ezekiel Yearwood AKA Biggs

Steelasophical Caribbean

Ezekiel Yearwood AKA Biggs

Ezekiel “Biggs” Yearwood

169 Brook Road.


E5 8AB.

Tel 0208 806 4578

Ezekiel "Biggs" Yearwood

Ezekiel Yearwood

Ezekiel “Biggs” Yearwood was born 12 February 1935 in St Vincent, West Indies.

He came to England in 1965 and settled in east London working for Ford Motor Company.

His steelpan career began after meeting steelpan tutor Gerald Forsyth who inspired him to become involved in the steelpan’s emergence in London.  He started to teach steelpans in schools and also performed semi-professionally as the bass player in The Merry Makers steelband.

It was with the Merry Makers that he acquired first hand knowledge of tuning pans by experimentation. He then progressed from teaching to concentrate solely on making and tuning pans.  With contacts made during his teaching career and playing semi-professionally, he was able to use this network as a vehicle to establish his work as a pan tuner.

One of his customers…

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