How Much Do You Charge

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How Much Do You Charge

Help Me!

When a client enquires with you via email or phone, they often don’t know what to ask. For many, it’s the first time they have been entrusted with this task. For some, the only thing they can think of is, ‘How much is it for a disco for my party?’ It doesn’t necessarily mean they are price hunting. What it often translates to is: ‘HELP ME!’.

Next time you receive an enquiry asking how much, or what’s your cost, don’t answer the question straightaway. Instead, concentrate on the acronym ‘HELP ME’.

Take each letter and use it to HELP you to HELP the client; the best way, by far, of converting that enquiry into a confirmed booking.

How Much Do You Charge


Clients will look favourably on someone who is helpful. You can be helpful in many ways such as offering ideas…

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